Different levels

For some clients a report must be just professional, legally safe and well done. We call this version the “Value” one. For others the report should transport a certain image of the institution. We call that “Premium”. The most advanced level is “Award”. It brings the enterprise in focus of public opinion building.




This module contains all necessary basic services: Pictures / photos , facts and contents are provided by the client.

The agency shall make proposals for design: cover , double pages , charts and typography / font selection

After initial design and consultation phases the material is collected and classified  and production starts with desktop publishing. Modifications requested by the customer and final corrections are made.

Finally the report file is available for print production (in all agreed languages) and as fast loading pdf-Version for web or emails.



The Premium Module contains all services and elements of the Value version. Additionally, each page is optimized visually by hand crafted typographic fine tuning.

All photos will be optimized with special gradations; the impact is higher by strengthening the color vibration.

Production data do not only fit the standards, but contains specific leveling for the chosen print process.




For many companies  visibility and PR relevance are key value drivers . For these companies, the award – module is ideal.

Annual Design not only commissions the  best specific photographers with the respective shootings, but also operates at considerable expense for each page and image to generate a maximum of persuasion effect.

The report will be checked with current scientific methods for readability and relevance. The result is an annual report, which is in focus of international juries and represents a work of art in the best sense .