about Annual Design

Annual Design is brand driven: A report should not only be beautiful to look at, but charge the corporate brand positively and enhance its reputation .

An Annual Report provides unique opportunities to communicate more than only facts. It can dramatize the intentions of a company and its philosophy for relevant target groups .

The report can structure and develop the company’s profile in society and the market .

Annual Design strengthens this multiplier functions and uses them for purposes of the sustainable construction of the corporate brand .

Result of a brand oriented business report is not only a better impression by a sovereign design but also sustainable consolidation of  a “corporate story” with positive consequences for the reputation in society and markets .

Lünstroth works for brand oriented companies around the world .

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What makes Annual Design better than other agencies? Traditionally, there are two categories of annual report agencies: the more commercially oriented financial communicators and design focused graphic studios.

Annual Design strives to positively linking these two worlds, and adds two aspects added: the brand orientation on one side and the higher productivity in terms of costs on the other one.

In many cases the PR department at the client has briefings and copies already fine prepared and design and / or”only” DTP performance is required .

In these cases the high productivity in DTP and publishing area can reduce the effort on an almost industrial level.

On the other hand an appealing design is only relevant if it´s  counting on corporate brand and its core values. For this, the design must not just meet the corporate design, but it needs to breathe the brand.

These two aspects form the core of the Annual Design USP. The cost advantage in the DTP area remains relevant when it comes to a more complex, that is with more individual design costs per page and elaborate shootings going to create business report.

Therefore, the unique position of the agency both the short term (cost advantage) and long term (exclusive features) is an economic one.

Or to quote to Carville’s slogan for Bill Clinton: “It’s the economy, stupid!”


Managing Director at AnnualDesign

Head of Consulting: Peter Lünstroth

Peter Lünstroth M.A. is a trained philosopher and political scientist. Initially he used to work as journalist at Radio Free Berlin and then moved into the brand communication.

As Creative Director, he was responsible for the communication of Apollinaris-Schweppes, Casio, Dr. Oetker, Homann, Langnese, Mentos, Pioneer, Procter & Gamble, S. Oliver, Whirlpool et al.

As Managing Director of Luenstroth GmbH he also chairs the consulting area of the design agency Annual Design. Peter Lünstroth is author, lecturer at FHM and is also a welcome keynote speaker on identity and brand symposia.

Creative Director: Ralf Glasmeyer

The graduate designer Ralf Glasmeyer worked as Art Director for customers like Apollinaris-Schweppes, Bols-Strothmann, Casio, Dr. Oetker, Homann, Langnese, Whirlpool, Pioneer, Procter & Gamble, Rowenta, S. Oliver et al.

Ralf is responsible for design at Annual Design.

interesting agency for annual reports

Erst wenn das Ergebnis stimmt, ist die Agentur für Geschäftsberichte zufrieden: Qualität ist die condition sine qua non.


Teams at Annual Design are put together depending on task and scope. Every team gets support from other ones if timelines get risky.

So Annual Design always deals well with current modifications at a quarter to twelve.